Wednesday, March 19, 2008

deployment issues

just finishing up an alpha version of a Flex project and discovering a couple of deployment issues that are worth getting down for future -

i was getting a persistent 'Where is the debugger or host application running?' popup window for my swf. i discovered that this occurs for specific versions of the flash player and the most recent flash player ignores the lack of debugger. however i wasn't too keen in forcing my users to install the very latest flash player if it was otherwise unnecessary, so found that i could also add the compiler argument: (in the Flex Project Properties, Flex Compiler tab)


Next i was getting a #2032 error. I discovered that this meant that the framework.swf file wasn't being found. This was happening because the final html file that displayed the swf was not where flex was putting it, so it wasn't finding the framework.swf(which was set to RSL, rather than Merged with Code, to save the user download time). To resolve this, I adjusted the path to the framework url. (in the Flex Project Properties, Flex Build Path, Library Path, Flex 3..., framework.swc, RSL URL)

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