Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Component styling utility function

In addition to an earlier post here:

I have put the sample code into a simple utility function that will apply a TextFormat style to any component or TextField, without needing to consider the specific syntax of the component.

You can download this here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

'as' isn't the equivalent of typing.

I guess I hadn't thought too deeply about it, but I always thought that the 'as' Operator was the equivalent of typing a variable.

pseudo code example:

type(x) = as type

or to give a real world example:

var myVar:String='3';
var myInt:int=int(myVar);
//or alternatively:
var myInt2:int=myVar as int;

But this code will trace:
3 0

I've realised that while typing a variable actually converts the variable to the requested datatype, 'as' merely informs the compiler to expect a certain variable to be of a certain datatype.

In the above example, 'myString as int' doesn't work because myString isn't an int.

However, if initially we had defined myVar like so:
var myVar:*=3;

The code would have no problem as myVar is an int.